Our history started from.

The mini-ball valves production has always been the core business of our company.

Every year we produce millions of mini-ball valves,which are exported to over 30 countries in the world.

Our mini-ball valves are used in different fields: automobile industry, compressed air plants, coffee machines or beer and drink dispensers, boilers and hydraulic plants adjustment circuits and under floor heating sector.

In Eurotermo, we added the use of CW602N alloy commonly known as ADZ or DZR to the CW614N and CW617N of traditional brass valves.

Working on this alloy requires particular tools, forging temperatures and cutting speeds different from the traditional ones, but Eurotermo can do it very well as it has been producing valves and connection with ADZ for over twenty years, especially for Scandinavian and English markets.

Eurotermo always pays a huge attention to market developments and it is ready for new challenges concerning product innovation.

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